I have over 20 years experience as a senior cg artist in the entertainment industry. Recently, I have been migrating to a Creative Director position that utilizes all of my experiences and skills as a 3D creator, filmmaker and traditional artist, with the intent of forging them all into a new direction as broader industries are utilizing the tools and techniques I already use.

I received a Masters in Fine Art from NYU as a Stage and Film designer and merged those traditional skills with the growing digital artistry wave in the late 90’s, going on to work for such films as “ Sky Captain “ “ i-Robot”," 2012 ", IMAX productions, VR and interactive work, car configurators along with countless commercials.

I have extensive depth and knowledge of both 3d and 2d tool sets, traditional tools, filmmaking, Art and I have written over 8 features and directed numerous commercials and short form films. I spent his undergraduate years as a fine arts and Art history major and I approach problem solving and creation with those early lenses ( and the Cooper Mansion Lens ! ) .

For any project, I try to understand and use every tool available that can help tell the story and push the ideas, thinking of solutions that are not always out of the box.  My skillset and distinct voice have contributed to the medium for the past Twenty Five years and the work has reached a worldwide audience that has produced Billions in revenue.

Currently I was working as a creative Director in a the Arch Viz world and developing a graphic Novel with the plans of seeking publication for the work. I have a tireless drive and commitment to the mediums I have worked with for the past Twenty Five years and I keep looking for new opportunities and partnerships.