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A rich, secluded suburb in Connecticut is thrown into disarray when the soon-to-be-infamous Alice Cooper Band moves in. They’re loud, misunderstood - and exactly what this neighborhood needs to learn that America in the early seventies is changing. Their presence has a particular effect on their outcast twelve-year-old-neighbor who learns the importance of being himself while watching them record their masterpiece Billion Dollar Babies..
”The Last of the Great American Kids” is a Ten episode dark comedy series that I created and wrote with my two partners over the past two years. The show is the first part of an anthology series centering on the unique, rarefied and often opulent locations where groundbreaking, genre-defining musical works are created – and the unique circumstances which inspire their creation.

The First Season is close to heart for me and has been something I wanted to create for close to forty years. As a five year kid living next door to them in the early 1970's, going over to the house inpsired me for the rest of my life. The show follows The Alice Cooper band in the early days of rock and roll. A band of friends from Phoenix Arizona that – with the help of their manager Shep Gordon – hustle their way to the top, creating controversy at every step and defining a musical genre in the process. And in that momentum, they rent a haunted 19th Century estate in Connecticut.

The show maintains the same feel as the music biopics that are dominating the box office and capturing audience’s imaginations in every medium. It also takes things a step further though, by telling the Alice Cooper Band’s historic story through a unique POV that allows audiences to see first-hand how the group affects everyone around them.

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The Alice Cooper Band is not your typical neighbor. A product of the rebellious time in which they are living, their music and style have an edge the world hasn’t seen before. With hair past their shoulders, faces caked with makeup, and aggressive -as-hell lyrics, the band moves into a haunted old estate in an exclusive Connecticut cul-de-sac. It is Blue Blood meets Black eyeliner in this early 1970’s dark comedy.




“The Last of the Great American Kids” is an immersive and vibrant world, with a rich tapestry of clashing cultures and eccentric characters, all set during the early 1970’s.






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