I have spent some years writing and directing short films and features along with my writing partner. The short films here are spec commercials and short dramatic works and some music videos. Currently I am developing a tv series with my producing partner and that has me tethered to my laptop. 

Overstock - Spec Spot and web campaign

I created a whole ad campaign about this hapless couple who always lose their infant while shopping .. I wrote it in a night and was shooting the next week. Yes this was years ago but judging from branding today .. a little ahead of its time. I wrote the whole series, designed the web pages for the shows and sent it to overstock in Utah. Ended up talking with the ceo for about a month .. and then their interest faded.. I made this whole thing for 600  dollars.. Should have budgeted it as that for the company. Still a great experience.. Both actors are great .. really talented and gave alot of feedback that made the shoot go really well ... 


She went over the falls in a barrel
box violet
missing mia