Erick Schiele

I am both a Traditional and CG  artist living in Los Angeles. I use both 3D and 2D tool sets  such as Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, after effects, 3d coat, reality capture, Substance and Unreal. 

currently I am the associate creative director  at kilograph  in Los Angeles. I am also a filmmaker / writer and currently in the midst of developing an Anthology tv series with blue blood films. 



I tend to like to shoot at night using my A7s with primes... there is always a great isolation I like and color palette when I shoot. 


My photography work is alot like the films like Christine F. and others from the early 80's I loved so much .. I did not have the tool set yet to show their influence back then......


Commercial CG work 

I have have over 18 years of  3d and 2d skills and production experience. Recently I have been doing more look dev ( Max, Maya, 3dCoat, Nuke, Substance )  as well as VR work. I have been using photogrammetry now and also unreal and looking for new ways to create the environments I photograph and create narratives from it...  

Currently I am the associate creative director for kilograph in loa angeles. 


The past year I have been developing a graphic novel based on a story I wrote 15 years ago. With my producing partner leading the charge, the deck and " Bible " that I created for this anthology series covers storylines, casting, branding , sets and costumes. I created all of the artwork using maya, max, photoshop, substance and 3D Coat myself and hand painted everyone page, as well as develop all of the story and character breakdowns.. 

It is a very personal story for me and a true labor of love. Very few people have seen it and right now it is with some people we feel should be seeing it first. I love this project, it is a period dark comedy and is based on true events ... We set up Blue Blood films because of the project. Hit Learn MORE below for the website.

At KILOGRAPH, I had the opportunity to design a campaign ( In Unreal Engine ) for our in house VR Project. I edited the trailers in Unreal and did all of my look dev in 3ds Max ( Vray ) and Photoshop. Recently the project has gotten some great notice and I post more of my work in early September