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For about a year now I have been hosting a podcast with two old friends from the cg business here in Los Angeles. One of them is Chris Nichols, an amazing artist who also has the well known podcast called “CG GARAGE” . Chris is also with Chaos Group , makers of the amazing V-ray rendering software that I have been using for years now ( Thanks in part to Chris introducing me to it in 2003 ). The other host is the really talented director and writer, Dan Thron. Dan, Chris and myself all worked at Digital Domain in the mid 2000’s, and worked together on numerous films as cg artists.

The main thing of the podcast “Martini Giant” is to talk as much as possible. What we do is very similar to filibustering in the house of representatives, but instead of bantering on and on about colleagues on the left and right of the aisle, we just banter on and on about the people who make movies. Sometimes we will say things like “I hope my esteemed colleague from Texas or Massachusetts” before we go into a long speech about the importance of “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” in the Heist genre.

After our bi monthly get togethers in Culver city, I take photos of everyone and during the following weeks make up artwork that has us posing in the stills of the movies we talk about. I do enjoy it and I always try to make it light hearted. I primarily use photoshop for it I try to blend each host into scenes that are mostly obscure. I also maintain the website and do all of the graphics as well. Below are the examples of the site artwork and logos I created.

Martini Giant

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