A Mid Journey photo journal

The Forgotton
Cars of Toyko

All the prompts are based around a late 1960's style.

All the model names I completely made up.

Detailed Render 001Detailed Render 002Detailed Render 003
A 1967 Udesco 345 - with special edition Police Headlights
Detailed Render 006
A 1969 Mezurashī Tori - Notice the "Rare" License plate that starts with TWO 0's..That is a pretty big deal ...
Detailed Render 007
A 1968 Tonaka Supreme - At the time, this was considered the "CAR" for real estate appraisers
Detailed Render 009
A 1967 Tsuyoi 6400 CK
Detailed Render 011
A 1967 Inkina 1210 "SuperMan"
Detailed Render 013
A 1970 Eregantodasshu
Detailed Render 014
A 1974 Dandiman
Detailed Render 015
A 1966 Ricker Bric - 140 CC City Sport in "Misty Lake Superior Blue"
Detailed Render 018
A 1975 Chūi -
Detailed Render 018
A 1970 Sōgi Meibo - in " Candy Apple White "
Detailed Render 0144
A 1976 Disco Motors - 5 Seat Touring Car -
Detailed Render 444
A 1972 Regal Dart - The First car to have the "Golf Wedge" style rear view mirrors
Detailed Render 065
A 1971 Akarui Nashi - In the custom color "Sunflower Saddle Green " 
A 1979 NightHawk - Car created as a cross promotion with the release of the film
"NightHawks" Starring Sylvester Stallone in 1979.
A 1973 Trendsetter S4000 - Considered "the CAR" that the mechanics of Police cars drove, a Highly regarded 16 cc city car
Midjourney AI test
Midjourney AI test