I have over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry as a Designer, Senior CG artist and Content Creator. Currently I have writing and creating a streaming series called "Billion Dollar Babies". The past year I have created a world for the show both in script development as well as concept and world creation as an artist. It has been both thrilling and scary as I have been creating this world and story I thought of over 30 years ago. With my partner we are developing this show for streaming and I will constantly update the site to reflect any progress as we move ahead with the show.

In the meantime, during this crazy Covid world we have entered, I also work freelance as an artist and development artist. Please reach out to me if you like ..



March 2021

A new site that will break down my work from the past two years a little in detail. For now CG materials will be separated form the main Development work I have been doing as well as the freelance work that I can post, some I cannot unfortunately.

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