Erick Schiele

I am both a Traditional and CG  artist living in Los Angeles. I use both 3D and 2D tool sets  such as Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, after effects, 3d coat, reality capture, Substance and Unreal. 

currently I am the associate creative director  at kilograph  in Los Angeles. I am also a filmmaker / writer and currently in the midst of developing an Anthology tv series with blue blood films. 



I tend to like to shoot at night using my A7s with primes... there is always a great isolation I like and color palette when I shoot. 


My photography work is alot like the films like Christine F. and others from the early 80's I loved so much .. I did not have the tool set yet to show their influence back then......


Commercial CG work 

I have have over 18 years of  3d and 2d skills and production experience. Recently I have been doing more look dev ( Max, Maya, 3dCoat, Nuke, Substance )  as well as VR work. I have been using photogrammetry now and also unreal and looking for new ways to create the environments I photograph and create narratives from it...  

Currently I am the associate creative director for kilograph in loa angeles. 


The past year I have been developing a graphic novel based on a story I wrote 15 years ago. With my producing partner leading the charge, the deck and " Bible " that I created for this anthology series covers storylines, casting, branding , sets and costumes. I created all of the artwork using maya, max, photoshop and substance myself and hand painted everyone page, as well as develop all of the story and character breakdowns.. 

It is a very personal story for me and a true labor of love. Very few people have seen it and right now it is with some people we feel should be seeing it first. I love this project, it is a period dark comedy and is based on true events ... We set up Blue Blood films because the project " Manor " is also right now called " Blue Blood meets Black Eyeliner " ... Hit the crow below for the website and I will release more info later .. would love to see this get made...