MJ V 05.3 - Visions of CHAOS - Stable Diffusion - FireFly !! It is all changing so fast..

The tools have changed so much in the past 5 months. I have spent my spare time really digging into a lot of the latest and greatest. I really and going into Comfy UI more nad will likely put a section up for it. It feels like Nuke or Substance Designer in terms of node based creation. I have also been using MidJourney for look development for a friends film as well as personal work. There has been a point where I am using some of the images not for concept work or photo work but for Ideas for oil painting and graphite drawing. I will post some of those pieces at some point. All of these tool sets really are great for Idea generation and the building up of ideas.



( Above: Mrs. Rebecca Clothdale in her garden, September 1971 )


An AI short film by
Erick Schiele and Daniel Thron

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Using MidJourney, Runway.ml Gen 2, Stable Diffusion

2023 - Work Samples

Using AI in Look Development

Selection of examples showing how I use AI ( MidJourney ) for getting the look dev process moving in some way .. using Text to image, Blending, and other means.

hwere to start
AI Look Dev
April 2023
Erick Schiele
Branding Look Dev : Initial Ideas

Using MJ, I created a series of prompts based on the company and their goals, what they are going after etc.. It did not take long to get myself into a great groove with the looks I was searching for.

how abot Now
AI Look Dev
March 2023
Erick Schiele
Animation Look Dev

This was cool, I actually went nuts on this part, but in the end, I knew what they didn't want and quickly changed course. The cool thing is that the material they rejected I am using on my own personal work.. I love the style.