MidJourney 5.2 + Runway.ml Gen2
"Clyde Fitch"
Using Mid Journey and Runway to colorize, Create new images and extend images taken in the early 20th Century.
Summer 2023
design Criteria 01:

Taking old photos from Archives

design Criteria 02:

Restoring the photos, colorizing

design Criteria 03:

Then also "Extending" the frames and adding in new elements, based on prompts or just letting the AI do its thing.. Sometimes with the latter it is a game of Roulette and the images can be amazing..


Upscale the images - colorizing them and in this first case extending it - the Roulette wheel spins..

Extending image
Roulette with Cool results
Original image altered
Original image altered and position and pose changed
Completely changed Position, pose and added a background
Then colorized
Soon AI will take these images and animate them.. That is my next step..
Old Magazinre Article "Extended"
Original Poster for his Play "Girls"
A Variation
I took the original black and white photo, square aspect ratio, extended it to 16:9, added in landscape and colorized it.. In the end I also added a random frame which was ok.. but I left it in .. I can always crop it later... ( Above and Below ) ** Hill Rd. Btw