MidJourney 5.2
Concpet Design - "1910"
Working out ideas from very old photographs
using Mid Journey
Summer 2023
design Criteria 01:

Working out Ideas for a project, I took some base material and developed prompts from them.

design Criteria 02:

The base material was old Stage show newspapers and the like.

design Criteria 03:

Then I combined them into prompts and worked the ideas out that way .

Endless Ideas

Using MJ can be incredibly useful, turning your initial prompts into a great rabbit hole of discovery. Not everything needs to be used, but the textures, composition and tone can be a great inspiration.

Old Estate
Old Estate
old Paper
Old Estate
Old Estates
Old Estatesd
flowers in bloom
old poster
They are ideas to move you forward.
old photo
phtoso of bird
old letters
flowers and paper
old man
old photo of statue
old poster
old house entrance