Concept - BDB " Deck Styles "

Assorted deck styles I created in 3ds Max, PSD and Illustrator over the course of the past two years. During the development of the show( Writing and world building ) I created an enormous amount of deck pitch material. A-lot of the styles help really visualize the world my partner and I are trying to sell .

I recreated a room from the bans old house from memory and a little liberty - it was the early 1970's. But the photo I got online of the band and Shep and Charlie - really captured the world I remember and want to convey. So instead of just showing the photo, I made in 3ds max a room and essentially " kit-bashed" this together. Even put in the " Gazelle" statue that Glen can be seen straddling.
Max scene - rendered in Vray

This was a big Scene I wrote with Ted when they are playing baseball at the Farm outside of Michigan - just before their move. Thought it really captured the friendship and the guys as in a army of sorts .. living together and living the dream. these are montaged for reference .. more for internal uses .. but the graphics I went a little overboard with ..
Another Example of World showcasing to really convey the world
This was alot of different photos of the band and I montaged them together for a composite and placed a estate behind them that is a " Quite Corner " replica I made in Max and ported to unreal as well. The house long since burned down so the recreation is really a tutorial upon itself .
Grey shaded mode
This part of the pool area I did in 3D coat, substance and 3ds max and vray .

This one is really a from a memory I have as a child of AC in a chair in the reading room, so I re created it in max and used Mixamo (?) to get a character and place him in the chair, and made the room and rendered it in max and v ray ...

So all of these elements went into each deck .. the graphics I also designed in PSD and illustrator .. that reflected that time ( 1971 ) but also had a current edge to it .. Examples from the deck below .

Early " SHEP " world design I did .. still love it .. Took old photos and applied cartoon effects and then swung them right back into PSD for a " Rauschenberg " style fitting.. lot of fun making this stuff BTW !! 

Our original show deck was about 180 pages .. crazy .. I will post more and also do a section of cool logos I made that were never used.. but they still have an edge to them - One last thing though

Through all of this process of writing with Ted and creating elements and world building - I would always create 3d worlds, graphics and even commercials to go inside the tv's in the background. But one thing I did was turn these elements you see above and turned them into a the type of comic book style I love, the 60's and early 70's ( Silver Era ? ) 

Created the images - turned them into the 60's style and then montaged them .. painted a-lot of it in psd as well
This is a painting I made in PSD and then ran it through the cartoon look etc.. painted etc.. I will do a section on the style and work and work flow in a few weeks ..

Erick - 12/20

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