DECK Art 2021

Writing and Creating a refined Deck - I went through some iterations to get that early 1970's style. Using PSD - Blender - MAX and Substance I put together a vintage look - silver era comic book style infused look. One way was to use PSD to achieve the post look of the old comic books ..

Take an original painting and 3d Render and throw it through a PSD style change -

With this as one example
Taking an older image of a home now destroyed by a fire in 1974, finding old books from the 20's that had photos of it

Re cropping in Photoshop
Then taking into Photoshop and using the Neural network extension ( new feature in 2021 ) recoloring the photo - flipping it and re cropping it for variation
This is one angle -So now it works for the next stages - But other times for the look dev I recreated the house in house in Max, vray, itoo, substance.
To help with angles and framing - So getting back to the look dev of this shot - I then put it into Blender - projected it and using various photos- some that needed to be recolored in PSD. From that I paint the picture

Then placed it into other art work I created - random times to be honest, I make a-lot of textures and texture libraries, so when I work I have a nice Adobe Library full to pull from - examples below -

a little fraction of the data base.. a little excessive I must admit - but keep working ...

Here are samples of the Textural Backdrop I painted

An earlier Painting I made with all of my Characters for the show

All images Copyright Erick Schiele 2021

And the Final result - for now.

All images Copyright Erick Schiele 2021

All images Copyright Erick Schiele 2021

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