KeenTools FaceBuilder for Blender

Doing a test with the new keen tools - so far it is really great. I took an old interview with Alice - from 1974.

I downloaded it and brought it into After Effects and pick certain frames as though I was shooting for Photogrammetry. Particularly the side profile since he has a very distinct profile.

Here is another view .. In all I used about about 20 images.

In Blender after I installed Keen Tools -

I brought in the images - The new auto track feature is great. Before I would always have to align the face geo and it was always a problem for me. The auto snap feature makes it go very fast.

The images lined up pretty much from the start

The align Face button

After Setting up all of the geometry I made a 4k texture and generated he mesh.

The original Side Profile needed some love - so I went into Blenders sculpt feature and used a dynamic brush to push the geo into the desired shape .. (Below)

Now with a really good Starting Mesh - I will either stay in Blender or push it out to 3d Coat to do some detail work .. My goal is to put it back into Human Generator and get a complete body of Alice circa 1972.

I will post the next stages this week - Erick


Download 01
Download 02
Download 03
Download 04