Martini Giant Goes to Court

Not really.. but it looks like that.

The other night I was doing some look Dev work in Mid Journey and I got back some prompt results that were so bizarre. I shared them with my podcast partners at Martini Giant and Chris mentioned that he thought I was trying to make them like us! That was not my intention but it did have me thinking .. So I pulled up Photoshop and created False album covers and told Dan to post these online and state that we are going to court because they do not want us to use their name. Dan of course wrote something hilarious and there it is.. I do not waste any renders from Mid Journey .. there is always a use for prompts gone haywire.. :)

Dan's Tweet

                                         Original Prompt Return A

David Lynch ?

                                            Prompt Return A Treated

When is When ?      I don't have the answer right now .. .

When in doubt .. Make a live album .. It worked for Peter Frampton

                                          Original Prompt Return B

David Lynch at School ?

                                          Prompt Return B Treated

One of the best live albums from that era IMHO, right behind KISS ALIVE II 

 Wish us luck with the lawsuit .. two of the remaining sisters are out for blood it seems..

E - Jan - 2023

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