Martini Giant - UPDATES

I made a-lot of new artwork for the show in the past month as well as get the twitch stream and thread less materials in order.

I set up a treadless store and will soon have product. -

With podcasts we did "The Big Short"

Using the same logos from last year.

One thing I played around with on this edition was ugocapeto3d

work to guide me with some new ways to get z depth passes for grading. I use Topaz's toolsets and the TOPAZ Suite has a function for a rough zed pass -

example of the zed from one of my show mockups
It came out alright for a zed pass

One of the other things that ugocapeto3d has is this tutorial and some links to moving images - Link to another video tutorial.

the result are these - using Google Collab -

Using this - from one set of images that I comped and produced for the show - I can also get a zed, 3d model ( though not very helpful ) and assorted videos - which I can send to Dan form the show to put into social media to promote the show.

Links to the PODCASTS 

"The Big Short"

"Get out your Handkerchiefs"

Ill post more - Erick

Download 01
Download 02
Download 03
Download 04