Unreal 5 Demo

In May, after the success of the NFT Mclaren Launch, we were asked to do a bid for different Mclaren Metaverse world ideas. I was asked to come up with ideas that showcases Mclaren products and using their stunning English HQ as a starting point, I came up with some ideas that I could build in Unreal 5. 

Since I was mostly modeling in Maya ( a little bit in Blender with a script that uses Maya hotkeys and functions ), I did the preliminary design work  in Maya and Vray...

After the design was in a spot that could be moved forward  - I ported all of the elements to Unreal.

Categorized all of the  elements by room sections, and then for some elements - pack them as one utilizing UDIMS and one SBSAR that I compiled inside of substance Designer after a render out from Substance Painter.

View 01

I spent some time also in Blender and Maya designing certain sections .. sections like the Garage that have different cars lifted inside up and down.


View 02

This section was to showcase NFT’s for different cars, possibly owned by viewer or to be purchased by viewer.

BEautiful interior 28

View 03

My idea was to have it all synced up by each individual user's preferences and history. 

 I also had done some previous work for the car company, So I took the 3d renders I made for them and in side of After effects, made different wall screen movies that play around as the viewer works

For the section that is for the shopping area, I designed something that works nested within the environment showing the history of the company and the vision of Mclaren back in the 1960’s. 

BEautiful interior 19
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Some of the issues I had were getting the videos to sync inside of Unreal, but now some of those ( maybe all of them ) are fixed with 5.1. I was on a tight schedule to do the demo, but I really came out on top in the end, producing a large section of content. I do love unreal, as an artist to be able to create and adjust inside a world, it is far better than working in Maya or max or blender ( my DCC’s of choice ). I do also love the Substance tools, the whole family for that matter, they work seamlessly and are getting better each Quarter. 

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