January 2023

I started work on a Unreal based spot for a Company out of Tokyo called "Mawari". They have really amazing technology for AR devices they are showcasing and I ended up creating a 60 second spot for them using Unreal 5.1, Maya, Blender, Substance tools, After Effects, iClone 8 and MidJourney AI.

I did the spot myself in 30 days ....

One thing I changed since last year is my use of Mid Journey in the Design process. Before going to Unreal and Maya, I created a lot of themes for color, structure and overall vibe for the client using Mid Journey.

I put those images in the decks and pitches to help convey my vision for the piece. I have also creating some great imagery for my personal project as well with it which is in another section of the site.

Live action shots I did tracking in Blender

View 01

Particles , Particles and Particles

go fast

View 02

AR Section

and skiw

View 03

AR Section

For the section that is for the shopping area, I designed something that works nested within the environment showing the history of the company and the vision of Mclaren back in the 1960’s. 

we cam

I will post more when I can - The publication has just occured.. They were greta clients and as I mentioned before, the data streaming tools they make for AR are really impressive....