I have working with Voltaku for about 6 months now, building out the 3D scenes and designing a series of commercials for their animated teaser " Killtopia". Some of the pieces are still in the works so I will show a touch of what it is ...

Designer - VFX Artist
One aspect was designing a series of commercials for a brand of cola called "Kaiju Cola". I ended up creating a lot more spots than necessary using maya and after effects.

There is alot I will show in terms of what I put together for the show in terms of building out the city and creating a large environment that can be very modular. There were not a lot of people on this so I did the heavy scene lifting myself.

I used Maya , V-ray, Substance Painter and Nuke for the 3 minute short.

Chris Nichols ( who brought me onboard) had a really great set up to do animation capture in unreal. I am sure there will be breakdowns of it down the road. For now I will show some Z Depth files to show the scope, once the show is out I will show my substance maya and nuke work ...

Here is a link to the main site for VOLTAKU -