The Ads in "Killtopia"

Over the past six months I was involved with a project called " Killtopia". My podcasting partner Chris Nichols was working on this short animated film and asked me if I would like to design the commercials for the animated short.

"Killtopia" / Voltaku
Art Director / CG Artist

(Above ) Still frmo the Graphic Novel "Killtopia"

For the Spot - I got research on the Plastic look of Toys, like the ones above.. and from That I started to work in Maya and Vray as well as Mudbox. We did not want to use Sub surface scattering like last season. One thing I did was Blend between to of the same shaders ( same Diff spec etc.. ). On the second shader I made very metallic.

Loose Concept idea of a flower base.. ( below)

I used primarily After Effects - Adobe Stager and Photoshop to create the looks.. The wanted a real disjointed feeling throughout - The spots played on the screens throughout the world.

In Maya, Substance Painter and  V-Ray. I made the background worlds for the show as well. We ended using Nuke to do the projection Cameras in order to save on render times, this production was using less than 5 artists total, including myself.

i made the city breakdown into 4 different "Zones" that I would referenced in. Each zone would also have a duplicate zone that that was used for shadow casting and reflections, they were optimized to just do that. so if a zone was behind the camera, I would use those. I will do a separate page for the world building I did.

   Light Pass Above for the main area - Since I also created the environment in 3d, I was able to build in an easier way to run video and reflection passes etc...

I ran a depth map pass through after effects to use for grading and other treatments.. very fun to work with

Without the score .. this is a version of the spot.. I cut numerous versions with all of my elements
The city had numerous areas for screens .. So I created various versions per screen ..
The Ads in "Killtopia"