The Environments of "Killtopia"

Over the past six months I was involved with a project called " Killtopia". My podcasting partner Chris Nichols was working on this short animated film and asked me if I would like to design the commercials for the animated short.

"Killtopia" / Voltaku
CG Artist - 3D scene development

The team was essentially myself and Chris as I put this world together.. I used 3ds Max for conversion, Maya, Substance Painter, substance Designer, Vray and Nuke. We were fortunate enough to have KitBash 3D donate kits so we can do rubble and street layout a lot easier.

Early Lighting Tests after buildout

Substance Ground Painted

Reverse Shot Early stages

night light tests .. Love this look - though the producers did not .. :(


All the scenes were rendered either as a sequence or as a projection over scan - which I brought into nuke and did a rebuild - making it easier on the rendering since it was just myself and Chris
Rough Character Block in


The Environments of  "Killtopia"