Using AI

I am Production designing environments for a clients virtual production shoot, and I have been using Mid Journey to help me get the mood and style ideas in the first stages right in front of the director.

Production Designer - 3D Artist -
I am building the Virtual production sets using 3ds Max, Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Unreal . to get things moving I will use various tools to try to create mood boards for the director. I will set up some "Films I love" boards and then from there, try to get a mood.


man looking through a window, with evil in his eyes..

A MJ exterior - Rough ideas that I can do fast and then hone in on what the Director would like
This film and "The Searchers" are my two favorite Westerns of all time.
A MJ Exterior
The prompts outcome does not have to be 100% perfect.. I am looking for mood and feeling... does it matter that he is drinking from a mason jar ? nope !

One thing I do just for my own amusement is try to give names to the people in the photos, if I am feeling improvisational .. I come up with some history for them.. As you craft prompts you start to feel what the character will be ..

"The Winnet brothers from Omaha made their way to here just about when the second gold rush came. Joseph ( Right) claims that they brought the gold rush with them and that everyone in town should be grateful that they did. They seemed to have bought everything they could in terms of real estate, and they do not seem to be stopping. Both have hot tempers and the taste for the extravagant. "

Here are some board examples for the Bank Interiors.
not perfect, but the mood is there...

Interior light for a possible engine room scene. Is this the correct engine ? no, but the lighting style helps give an idea to the director. One thing to always use when you want really great warm light is to reference "Days of Heaven" with Richard Gere.. Cannot go wrong...

Some scene are in a coal mine and knowing that this will be on a LED wall, getting the lighting ideas as well up front can help with all sorts solutions on making the world seamless.

Some prompts that you run come out so cool, I save them for later or use them for the covers of the concept decks.

Like this one I ran last night for some personal work.. I hold on to things like this .. Amazing accident...
Using AI