MJ V 05.2
Mid Journey 5.2 is out and it really is remarkable how much it has improved.. I ran older prompts with the new updates and the differences are noticeable.

I have Spent the better part of two months so far on Mid Journey attempting to recreate my past for a graphic novel I am working on. The results seem to be getting better and better as each week turns into another one. I now find myself writing a diary to extract my memories of growing up in Connecticut in the 1970's and 1980's as a way to extract prompts. Initially the results were all over the map, but slowly they are coming up with surprising results. By no means am I close, characters are stretched and looks strange, but one step at a time. I will start training on more environments and try to bring in the landscape to a more realistic setting, then I will move on to characters.

Yes, I am not there, but my new AI memories is bringing these characters to life slowly.  I have started to name each one,  giving them new events or situations to be in and writing new histories for each one. They seem to be a blend of people I knew, parents friends etc.. They are new people put on old memories.

The leap since December 2022 is crazy, in four years it will completely transform filmmaking and art.

This work has been a serious "Rabbit Hole" for me, but it has made my writing process for a graphic novel I am writing much more fluid. I will write for a few hours before work and then hit MJ, making prompts from what I just wrote..

I will be updating frequently .. Enjoy



( Above: Mrs. Rebecca Clothdale in her garden, September 1971 )


An AI short film by
Erick Schiele and Daniel Thron

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Summer 2023 - Work Samples

Using MidJourney, Runway.ml Gen 2, Stable Diffusion

"Spring into Summer"
old photo

Using AI in Look Development

Selection of examples showing how I use AI ( MidJourney ) for getting the look dev process moving in some way .. using Text to image, Blending, and other means.

hwere to start
AI Look Dev
April 2023
Erick Schiele
Branding Look Dev : Initial Ideas

Using MJ, I created a series of prompts based on the company and their goals, what they are going after etc.. It did not take long to get myself into a great groove with the looks I was searching for.

how abot Now
AI Look Dev
March 2023
Erick Schiele
Animation Look Dev

This was cool, I actually went nuts on this part, but in the end, I knew what they didn't want and quickly changed course. The cool thing is that the material they rejected I am using on my own personal work.. I love the style.