Selected Work 2022

Erick PG Schiele
CG Artist - Look Dev Artist- Filmmaker
The past 2 years I have been at Infinite World, working with a remote team as a senior cg generalist and look development artist. My tasks over the past year were Lighting and look dev work (all characters and looks for "Portal" web Emmy winner  ), Product looks for brands such as Califia and Budweiser, NFT idea generation, designing and creating a interactive experience using Unreal engine 5 for McLaren and towards the end, designing a substance designer to Unreal/ Maya work flow for the company.

As of November 2022, the company has gone dark.


In 2022 I did two sets of work for the Racing company.

One was a demo bid where I did all of the design and execution in Unreal 5.

Look Dev prelim Lighting
Look Dev
Substance Tools - Maya - Vray
Maya - Vray - Substance Tools
Substance Painter - Mudbox - Maya - Vray
Unreal Demo
Unreal Engine 5 - Maya - Substance - PerForce

My tools for this period were Maya, V-ray, Substance Suite ( Designer, Painter, Sampler, Stager) after Effects, Nuke, mudbox, 3D Coat and Unreal Engine 5.

Nuke - Maya - Vray
Unreal & Substance Design Work 2022
Unreal 5, Substance, Blender
Maya - Vray - Etc..

AI Tests 2022

Train, Train, Train ...
Samples  from my prompt experiments
"Let's Run Away and Fall in Love .."
Visions of Chaos - Stable Diffusion

the Martini Giant Podcast

Three industry professionals, Chris Nichols, Daniel Thron and Erick Schiele gather biweekly to talk obsessively about their favorite films, share insider stories on moviemaking, and drink some mighty fine cocktails. In this podcast, there's no kind of film we don't love, and everything is on the table from Infinity War and a Star is Born to Alphaville and Eraser head.

"Martini Giant" Podcast
100 Episodes and counting
With these other projects, I have been developing branding, websites, look development, writing as well as hosting a podcast once a week.

Billion Dollar Babies

Show  development

Series Development + Design
Camera + 2am